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Hello everyone,

Very new to the forums, I recently bought a used Mac to see what they were all about.

Here are the specs:

Mac Mini
1.66 GHZ Intel Core Duo
2 GB 667 Mhz DDR SDRAM
Snow Leopard 10.6.3

Got the system in the mail and it appeared to be running fine. Since I got it used I wiped (zeroed out) it and reinstalled Snow Leopard. Installation went off without a hitch.
After getting to the desktop after the install. I went to Safari, and then downloaded the .dmg for firefox 5. No problems. After the download I began installing firefox 5. While it was installing I went to the apple menu and selected "software update." Keep in mind this was at the same time firefox was installing. Shortly thereafter I got an error stating "Software update has quit unexpectedly." The firefox installation proceeded without a hitch.
What could have caused this? I am new to Macs but not PCs by a long shot. I have attempted to reproduce the problem, (including a complete reinstall and setting up the same circumstances) but am unable to. I would almost take more comfort in being able to reproduce the problem. I am unable to. Other than this small wrinkle I am very happy with my Mac and was considering buying a new one. Please help. Thank you.
Also another detail, my install disc has some very minor scratches on it. I seriously doubt this could be a contributing factor.
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