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Hi, I currently use a 4-year-old MBP (15' dual 2.3), which I'm going to upgrade to a new quad 2.3, 8 gig ram. I have the money and could order any time, but here's my plan. I'm curious to know if this all makes sense to the experts around here, or if I might be off base with some of this. Any other suggestions for an upgrader welcome.

-First, I'm going to wait to order until Lion comes pre-installed to avoid replacing my system less than a month after purchase.

-Second: I've been a Mac user going on 20 years now. Whenever I've bought a new machine or upgraded systems, I've always copied all my stuff over (applications, documents, etc.) using Apple's migration assistant thing. This works great, but I figure it brings along a lot of stuff I don't need. This time, I plan on reinstalling software fresh and moving documents over on an as-needed basis. Is there an advantage to my doing it this way, or am I making more work for my self than necessary?

-If I do do the as-needed way, what's a good method to permanently archive my old machine's hard drive to easily access its contents as needed on the new machine?

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