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I'm also an experienced IT Technician and only became a MacBook owner around a year or so ago.

The first thing I did after purchasing my brand new MB was to upgrade the RAM and HDD - one to make it faster and 2 to experience upgrading the hardware on a Mac.

I then setup Boot Camp to see what that was all about and after a week or so (just for the experience) I wiped the hard drive and re-installed Leopard. A few weeks later Snow Leopard came out so I upgraded to that - all went without a hitch.

I now use VMWare Fusion rather than Boot Camp as it means I can continue to use the programs on my Mac whilst in another window access the things I need to use in Windows for work purposes.

OSX Lion is about to be released in the next few weeks so the best thing to do with regards to upgrading is to wait for that to come out and start afresh with that OS.

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