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I was wondering how easy is it for somebody to bypass the login password on an iMac using Mac OS X 10.5.8.

Before my computer was stolen I'd set it up so you needed to enter a password before you even reached the desktop. They seemed to have no trouble getting around this.

By looking at dates of files created and files last modified there seems to have been a six day gap between when when I'd last used it and when it was next used. Whoever received the stolen computer had set up an account of their own. Most of my stuff had been erased (everything in iTunes, iPhoto etc). The hard drive was almost scrubbed clean except for just a handful of my files.

Originally I thought they had just erased the entire hard drive but there are still a few of my files on there which I take it must mean they erased most of the stuff through the trash can.

Though before they pawned it, they failed to erase anything that they'd put on there.

I'm also wondering if you can find out somehow on which dates the trash was emptied.
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