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Hi there,

I have a 27" iMac Intel core i7 which I bought in august 2010. The last couple of days I have heard some weird noises when going to bed and when all electronics are turned off. I figured it was my external hard drive which is connected to the iMac. Yesterday when i went to bed I heard these noises again and laid my ear into the hard drive and realized that the sound was coming from my iMac. There are about 4-5 of these noises then it becomes silent and it does not happen every time I turn it off. I haven't heard them when the iMac is on.

I went to the store I bought the iMac from and they said they would check it out. One hour later they called to let me know it was done. When I went to get it they said they had started it up and couldn't hear anything

The noise seems to be coming from the right side of the computer, probably where the CD slot is, or a bit below.

I recorded for about 5 minutes and in the clip below you can here the noises. Remember all electronics were off.

YouTube - ‪1.MOV‬‏

Does anyone have any idea of what this could be?

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the computer itself works completely fine. No problems!
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