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Alright. So I have a brand new Iphone 4 (just had it replaced after my last one shattered) and I'm noticing I have issues (just as I had with my previous phone) with it jumping from having 3-4 bars on 3G to dropping calls and having no service, then immediately going back to having service. It'll alternate up to 4-5 times a minute.

I've had 3 Iphone 4s. Iphone #1 had a software/hardware issue where the screen would freeze, then it would start selecting things on it's own going so far as to call numbers and having no way of hanging up. Iphone #2 was dropped and shattered. Iphone #3 is in seemingly perfect condition (and I hope it stays that way!).

Anyway, it's an issue I've seen in all three phones. It jumping from having service to not and then back within minutes.
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