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I'm an experienced Windows I.T. technician, but have never, ever used a Mac of any variety until today!

I've been given a used Macbook Pro A1278 (unibody) with Intel Core2Duo 2.4GHz. 4GB RAM. 250GB Hard Drive etc...

My machine currently has 10.6.7 which is the latest public release, but I'm thinking that the quickest way to master the O/S is to do a clean install and make it a dual-boot with Windows 7 and work my way through any obsticles during the installation!

1) Is it advisable to install Mac O/S or Windows 7 first and what is the easiest way to make it dual-boot at startup?

2) I don't have any disks with the Mac O/S at upgradeable are each version of OS X, i.e. can you purchase 10.4 and upgrade for free to 10.6.7 or only to 10.4.11 ?

3) Are all versions of OS X exactly the same, i.e. will all genuine copies run on all mac hardware and do they have to be activated within so many days after install?
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