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I bought a new iMac about four days ago. Brought it home, set it up and it's working lovely. However very recently I find that whenever I begin typing in a browser or text edit that it comes up with symbols instead of the usual letters, as it would if I was holding down the alt key.

This only started happening today and when I bring up the view keyboard it seems to recognise the alt key being down. I'm using the wireless keyboard that came with it. I tried switching the keyboard off and on, it works fine for about twenty seconds but then resumes as if I'm holding down the alt key. Switching off the alt key doesn't seem to work either and I've made sure sticky keys isn't on. I've also checked the battery power of the keyboard and it seems to be at full.

I'm quite at a stump here. I've looked on other forums and people with the same problem don't really have a solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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