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Hi all,

I have a MacPro 3.1 of which I already read quite a bit on this forum I use a Philips 19" CRT monitor on the system (yes, I know...). Strange things are happening.. Oh, my previous harddisk is gone, so I replaced it, but it should have nothing to do with what's going on.

I start up the system, nice bong, but white screen. Nothing else. No flashing lights and everything responds. I stuffed in an Ubuntu Alternate AMD64 CD and it installed like a charm. Textmodes are fine. Weirdly, after it boots X, lots of artifacts appear. But it's not always like that! Some boots, everything is fine. Even though I can't work out what I'm actually booting, because of that white screen.

Booting a MacOSX DVD is the same. It takes some time, booting the DVD with the C pressed down, and the Apple logo appears and so does the star like thing... Unfortunately, my present DVD seems to be damaged, so the install process doesn't continue, but the Mac was given to me by a friend who DOES have a proper DVD, but same problems there. White screen, nice looking graphics and suddenly, everything crooked.

It seemed to me, if the videocard is broken, why do some videomodes, most of the time, work properly, also the high resolution ones? And where does that starting white screen come from?

Hope anyone can shed some light on all of this.... It's frustrating not to be able to use this great machine..

Cheers, Bas.
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