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Originally Posted by tmcdanel View Post
Really invaluable information. Saved me much time and expense. You are good Mr. Admin. Thanks so much.

One more question, "unless you want to look at a SSD." What is SSD?
It's a type of drive. Solid state drive. Basically flash memory in place of a spinning HD. The MBA's use it. It has the benefits of using less power, being more sturdy (drops or movement), lighter, and less heat. Oh and insane speeds. The problem is that it has a finite number of read and writes (although it's a huge number) and it's very expensive for the storage you get.

It's great if you need the fastest but IMO for the "average" user (someone not doing intensive stuff and needing the FASTEST they can get from a laptop) you can upgrade to a higher RPM harddrive (5200 at the minimum IMO) and have more space at a lower price.

It's great but the price to storage ratio is what keeps a lot of people away. I personally don't need one.
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