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Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
That really depends on the resolution you intend to run at and what you have been using on the PC.

The 27" iMac has a native res of 2560x1440. I suspect that's way over what you've been running your PC screen at.
Thank you, I believe that with the resolution 2556x1440 Starcraft 2 does not run at max settings with a 512MB Video card, which would be the 1GB version.

The specifications that I want to buy is:
Quad-Core 2.7GHz Intel Core i5
2560 x 1440 resolution
4GB (two 2GB) memory
1TB hard Drive1
AMD Radeon HD 6770M with 512MB

Thank you for helping me!!!!!

Originally Posted by StMFA View Post
I actually was having a similar issue myself. Here are some benchmarks.

AMD Radeon HD 6770M - Tech

Larger list here:
Mobile Graphics Cards - Benchmark List - Tech

My advice: I would honestly just go with the 21.5 in iMac unless you want the 27 in screen, in which case I suggest bumping up to the 1999 model that has the 6970m in it.
I just bought the 1999 model yesterday, and I can honestly say I spent about 2 weeks looking at every aspect of all the different iMacs.

Here's what I've basically come away with. The 6770m probably could do it at max settings, but probably not at native res. The real thing bogging the card down is the RAM, its only 512mb. Most PC's packing this card come with 1gb RAM. And recommended specs, according to the SC2 auto settings are that it should only be rendering high instead of ultra quality textures if theres only 512mb RAM on the card.

I haven't had a chance to install SC2 on it yet, but I likely will install it today and see how it goes. In the mean time I would poke around these forums and google/youtube, there's a lot out there on the gaming capabilities of these things.
Thank you for helping me, looked at the sites indicated by statistics I think that stands at a high level, but the ultra is in doubt it = / If you install the game please post here your gaming experience, what settings the game runs fine and what does not rotate. I live in Brazil and here the iMAC 27 "is sold for U.S. $ 3524.00. I have to think hard on which machine to invest and if it's worth.

Thank you so much. Looking at the statistics sites show that it is a good video card, but will work iff ultra setup that is still a doubt, even just watching to be sure. I'd like to buy the version of U $ 1,999.00, but I live here in Brazil and an iMAC 27 is not sold for less than R $ 3,500.00
So I have to search much, if you can install Starcraft 2 post here your gaming experience, which resolutions and settings that you used and what were the results.

I'll be waiting for your reply.

Thank you.
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