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Hi Everybody,

I don't know about you but I am getting very sick to death of all the Mac developers bailing on us just because they don't feel like supporting Tiger (Max OS X 10.4) anymore.

I considered an online petition, but who would I address the petition to? So please pardon me if you are offended by my approach and what I have to say.

I have a sweet 24" iMac at home that is running Tiger. I have no plans to upgrade it or buy a new Mac. A new developer disease is sweeping the Mac development community. It started with one developer feeling it's ok to turn their backs on people who (possibly) paid good money for their software. This one developer has now turned into an epidemic.

In this thread, I would like to expose and publicly name the developers to try and shame them into supporting the customers who keep them in business.

I'll start this list with:

Mozilla - Firefox 4.x
Google Earth 6.0

In each of the above cases, I was ready to use (and purchase) the application but turned to an alternative because the developer refuses to support Tiger.

I don't know about you but I refuse to do business with any developer that will not support Tiger. What about you?

Please add to the above list at your leasure.

Thanks for listening,
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