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I know it's agreed upon that Macs don't need apps like SpyBot, antivirus, etc.
However, I'd appreciate this community's opinion on a cleaning apps. What I mean is:
1. Apps that find and help you eliminate duplicate files ( music, images, etc.) with high accuracy to prevent deleting needed files.
2. Apps that can scan the machine and help you remove unneeded files, such as temp files, cache, installation files, etc., etc., etc. In other words, an app like CC cleaner, etc. Even though the Mac is not too vulnerable to spyware, I am certain it still acumulates a lot of just junk that can be cleaned out.
3. Once, the junk files are removed. Is it recommended to defrag or otherwise scan a Mac to optimize its performance?
4. Any other suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks and blessings.
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