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So recently my A1260 aluminum body macbook pro's screen back light stopped working. I was riding my bike and it was in my bag and when I went to power up at school my screen was black. Initially I freaked out because I thought it was my hard drive (I wish it was now). But then I realized my system was still running because I could faintly see everything. So I found out it was something involved with the back light that must have been damaged somehow.

Anyway that's the gist of it. I've read dozens of threads on this issue.
I have tried resetting my ram.
I have tried resetting the back light settings in the energy saver.
I have tried replacing the inverter cable.
I have tried replacing the inverter board.
Finally I most recently tried replacing the screen.

At $200, needless to say I was quite enraged when it didn't work. I know what the next step is and I'm trying anything to avoid it. Because I don't want to spend another 200 to replace the mainboard and have it not work. So is there anything else anyone can suggest I do before I bust out the wallet again?

On a side note would anyone like to buy a perfectly good Screen, inverter board, and cable?
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