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I refurbish said to be dead Mac pro's and I have experienced your issue with hang ups at boot and flashing folder with well known working drives. Again as the same for others this is an on going problem with the neglected CMOS back up battery. System preferences are saved via this battery and your main boot drive can not be recognized because the system is trying to boot from the default network start up. Replace the flat lithium battery CR2032 and try your original drive with OS installed. If no luck possible HD has gone bad. In that case install a new drive and insert OS disc, powerdown and restart holding option and once screen is reached select OS disc and boot. Once installer is reached be sure to enter disk utility and partion drive as "1" and select the options tab below and select GUID partition table for partition and istall OS. You should be fine from here. I feel the battery will solve this problem as I have seen some of the silliest issues with the pro and bad or dead CMOS back up battery such as failed CPU's HA! So try the easiest and cheapest method first. Also noted in some instances is the Airport card if installed, can go bad causing a short, really confuses the machine. I do not feel this is your problem though.
Post back your results, thank you.
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