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So, about two weeks ago, my Mac Pro started to crash regularly. Each attempt to boot up was met with a flashing "?" inside a folder. After some tech support with Apple, I was told I had a dead hard drive. They sent me a new one.

When that drive got here, the new drive was not recognized by the computer. I called Apple again, and they said that every once in a while a drive arrives DoA. I was sent a new HDD. That drive also did not work. I purchased a compatible SATA drive in a store, and got the same story.

Then, last week, my old original drive seemingly sprang back to life and was working like normal. Unfortunately, it was a short lived respite, the drive crashed again last night, and while I can boot into it, it keeps on unmounting minutes after the boot.

I don't think the issue is the HDDs like Apple said. Is there anything potentially wrong with the motherboard, or anything else that I should be thinking about? The computer was purchased just over a year ago, and I really don't want to be stuck with a machine that can't mount HDDs.
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