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I'm having trouble switching from my old 3GS to my new iphone 4. Any help would be appreciated.

I have an older ATT 3GS. I bought a new Vz iphone 4. I followed the steps to backup my iphone 3GS. With the iphone 3GS still plugged in, I checked the drop-down menu to make sure the backup was there. It was.

So I unplug the 3GS, and plug in the new iphone 4. When given the options to set up a new phone or restore from a backup, I choose to restore from a backup. But when I go to the drop-down menu to select my 3GS backup, it's not there! Now what?! I'm frustrated that I couldn't figure this out on my own. But I'm not having any luck so I'm hoping someone can help.

p.s. using macbook pro OS X version 10.6.7.
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