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First post. I am a long time PC owner, but like most, I started looking towards Apple through iPod->iPhone->iPad->Apple TV

Now, I just bought a new iMac 27" for my wife. Wow, really like Mac OSX.
So I just went on the applestore, configured another 27", fully loaded...but then given the delay on SSD, I read a bit more (luckily)...and realized I would not be able to use it as external screen for my PC (as apparently you could on the 2010 iMacs) the thunderbolt port will only access video from thunderbolts enabled devices (such as the MacBook Pro)

My constraints:
1) No I will not give up the PC (hardcore gamer) and 2) I do not have enough space for 2 screens on my desk. 3) Mac will be used for anything but gaming, mostly lightroom, premiere and photoshop + the usual office stuff.

Therefore, I was thinking:
1) Mac Pro. But too expensive, big and noisy
2) then Mac Mini, but current model is too low on spec for my tastes.

1) Any chance for PCI EXpress 3D card to come out with a TB port?
2) Any chance for a thirdparty vendor to release a DVI to TB converter (in definitions above 1080p)?
3) Any other idea?

Any help appreciated!
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