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WasabiTaylor is offline basic question is how will the iMac fair in getting me into GarageBand and possibly other recording software?

My parents have agreed to buy me a 15" PowerBook the summer before college, so I'm cool with that. But I really want to get a Mac now so I can learn the OS and make a great home studio. (Talking about Apples at this forum makes me want one so bad. I used to go through bestbuy all the time to look at the iPods, and now that I have one I go through to look at the MacMini)

At first, I was thinking in the direction of the Mini, but with the lack of certain ports, speed, and the fact that I am so vain I would want the full package (all Apple goods including display). I then began to look to the eMac. But then I got my new summer job and realized I was going to be making a lot of money. So, it's now the iMac at the end of the summer, NO MATTER WHAT MY PARENTS SAY!!!! (sorry bout that). I just don't know which. At the moment, I'm thinking the middle of the road model. All the speed but with a lesser price tag. How will that do for me?

The reason I'm looking at the $1500 one as opposed to the 20" is because I'd like to invest that money in thinks like RAM (probably up it to 1 gb, a midi keyboard, a microphone, some good speakers (maybe the soundsticks), and some sort of port for me to plug my guitar into (at the moment I'm looking at the PreSonus FireBox). If this a bad choice, let me know. Also, if you have any suggestions on good computer based recording hardware I'd appreciate it.
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