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Originally Posted by ApplejustWorks
Yeah, it sure is fun when some PC people who hate macs suddenly ask, So what do you use for your virus protection.. and I simply reply in a smug way...nothing....Then comes that blank look on their faces.....MUAHAHAHAHA!!! :mac:
Man, this is so true. I was in class working on my iBook, this guy with a windows laptop and obviously a lot of hate for Macs came to sit beside me and started mild-bashing Macs. To be honest, I dont really care when people bash Macs...their stupidity entertains me.

At some point, I asked him: What do you use for Spyware and Virus Protection. Being the huge nerd that he was, he wanted to impress I guess. He started on an elaborate plan on how he protects his PC, runs several checks every day, updates etc etc [I'm an ex-heavy windows user, so that kind of crap doesnt impress me]. I simply told him "See, Macs dont need that. No virusses, no adware, no spyware, maximum protection." and gave him a "F* off now" look after that. Loyalty through stupidity amuses me.
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