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Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
Snappy? Just asking you questions. And No Explorer is NOT IE, it's the same thing as Finder. I will not argue with you on it.

Have a great evening.

And btw, My Computer is not Explorer and not the desktop. Sorry we disagree. Hit CTRL+Alt+DEL in windows and try and end Explorer.

I once had issues with AT&T DSL. I called Tech Support to complain. I was told that MAC is not a proper OS because it does not have IE. Their exact words, "It has to have the Blue E or it will not get on the internet. MAC has no E". IE is not explorer just as Safari is not Finder. Although way back before Microsoft got themselves in hot water, IE was interwoven with Explorer.

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I'm just saying, your first two questions seems a little sarcastic. Reading vs hearing you ask the question always leave room for interpretation as we all know how one person can write something and mean it one way but you ask 10 different people to read it and 10 different people will receive the message differently. I'm just saying, that's all. If there's nothing to your question, then it's no big deal.

Either way, I thank everybody for helping with their answers as I've had my new iMac for about a week now and I'm just trying to get used to the differences to a PC. I've been using PC all my life except when I was a kid and they had Macs in my elementary school so it looks like I'm coming back full circle.

And yes, I can acknowledge that you're correct on the Explorer thing. Typically, when I think of Explorer, I think of (internet) explorer/browser but I guess that's just me.

Again, the differences with My Computer, Explorer, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Finder.
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