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Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
Do you know what the Finder is? On Windows do you know what Explorer is? Finder is the same basic thing but in OSX. You can't stop explorer in Windows because it's the desktop and what you see and click on. Same in OSX with Finder. no Finder no desktop icons, file copy, clicking.
Dang dude, snappy are we tonight?

Thanks for your response. I'm not a computer expert but I believe you're wrong in your example. Explorer to Windows is Safari to Apple and Finder to Apple is My Computer to Windows.

In any case, on my old PC, I am able to open My Computer and close it out when I'm done with it and not have it running in the background. Apparently, Finder is always active, per yours and the previous poster's comments.

Like I said, I'm new to the Mac world and I wouldn't mind if someone were able to simply turn on their computer without opening any apps and tell me if the Finder app on their dock has the little blue light under it.
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