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Originally Posted by schweb View Post
You're right, iPhoto isn't design to manage "files" it's designed to manage "photos". For a majority of users, they want to manage the pictures and iPhoto does a great job for that. For a few users, they obsessively like to manage file structure. In that case, you'll want to look for something that better fits your needs.

I honestly don't get the file management obsession myself. You have a great piece of software that makes managing photos easy, not exactly sure why it matters what the file system is like since you never really have to bother with the files anyways.

I have never heard anyone give a good reason to need to manage the files themselves. You can easily access the image files by dragging the image right out of iPhoto (or even setup iphoto to use an external editor if that's the main concern). As for any other organization, you can easily do this with albums, tags, etc.
To each their own... Since iPhoto can't manage the files, it's the not the complete all-in-one app I was hoping it would be.

Some people don't care at all about the files. I do but it doesn't mean I'm obsessive about it. I've been doing it that way for years and I back up my data that way because it's easy for me to retreive the data as I need it based on the dates and how I've set up my files. I def understand some people, maybe many people, don't care about that stuff as all they want to do is connect their camera and view them and share them with Grandma 2000 miles away. I like that ability but I want more and iPhoto can't give me what I want as it currently stands so maybe in the future when they wake up and give us the option of modifying the filing systme, it will then be my all-in-one.

Until then, I'll be using two systems and that's fine with me. I know this is a Mac site and there are many fanboys and I'm sure I'll get blasted for my blunt opinion but I just call it like I see it. I'm not biased either way but if iPhoto was awesome, I'd say it's awesome. In this case for my purpose, it's not awesome but ok.
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