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Canon 1 - iPhoto 0

This past weekend, I was trying to figure out how to import my photos into iPhoto from my ext hdd and still be able to maintain the current filing system format that I've been using for a number of years. I spent many hours reading forums, reading books at bookstores, and even doing test imports but I couldn't seem to get iPhoto to import my pictures and keep them in the filing format that I want. Getting the pictures onto my iMac wasn't the problem. It was getting tem onto my computer in a manner that I can continue to use the filing system that I've been using for a number of years.

To recap (taken from my other post), I want to be able to keep my photos separated first by camera/photo taken on date/then individual photos. After messing with iPhoto for hours, it seems that iPhoto doesn't like that format and likes to do things their way (I guess kinda like how Apple views everything else.) iPhoto organizes the photo by import year/import month/import day/import date and time/individual photo. Also, keep in mind that iPhoto imports the photos into a quasi folder under pictures that iPhoto doesn't even give you immediate access to. You have to know to right click and select "show package contents" which basically tells me that iPhoto doesn't want you messing with the folder.

My conclusion after messing with iPhoto for so long was that iPhoto is great at "managing" the photos once they're in iPhoto but iPhoto sucks at "managing" the files. You basically can't manage the files in iPhoto.

So I ended up downloading Canon's photo software and it let's me do exactly what I want it to do. I download the pictures to the Pictures folder after I created separate folders for the different cameras. This allows me to back up my files in a manner that I can understand and manage in a way that makes sense for me. Then after the photos are downloaded to my iMac (through Canon's software), I open iPhoto and then import them into iPhoto and this allows me to use iPhoto to view my photos.

I know this seems like a lot to do but like I said, I don't like the way iPhoto "manages" the files and I want the filing system to continue in the manner that I've been using for years.

If anybody else is trying to figure out iphoto and how it "manages" their photos and files, hopefully, this will help you out a little. I know a simialr post like this would have save me a bunch of time so I thought I would share with the community. Hope it helps.
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