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I moved from one city to another. At my old house I had basic cable. We had an actual cable that came into the livingroom and plugged into the tv, and another cable that went into the room with my mac. I plugged the cable into my eyetv and got my channels. The TV in the other room was not an HDTV and because we had cable I did not need a digital converter.

My problem is that I've moved. At this new house I do not have cable, so I haven't been able to utilize my eyetv on my mac. The livingroom TV is hooked up to a digital antena (which incidentally drives me NUTS because the TV scrambles every time a car drives by). Hence...I NEED cable.

I need to order cable but I have no idea what I need to keep in mind in order to be assured I can use my Eye TV 3 on my MAC. When I started researching choices, I got confused because it looks like I might need to lease a cable BOX in addition to my Eye TV 3 unit??? Even for basic non HD??? How does this work if I want to have the line go to the livingroom TV and my iMac?

My choices for cable are WOW and Comcast. Can anyone help? I miss my EyeTV!
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