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Originally Posted by Housekat View Post
If you look at newegg or any other website, the 27 inch imac is a ips monitor thats led backlit with a resolution of up to 2560x1440 which is higher than 1080 HD it costs around 1k by itself. I bought my imac for gaming only, yes defeats the purpose, but man I love macs and I wanted to game on one. I have the 2.93 i7 with the 5750 and I play wow with everything maxed out. The fps is pretty smooth and I can go anywhere in the game without feeling like its lacking. You would be amazed to see what WoW looks like on this display which will blow you away. To me it was worth the 2k for a gaming rig, true, it isn't top of the line gaming, but it handles everything maxed out and thats what mattered to me.
Thanks Housekat, I can only imagine what WOW looks like. I particularly appreciate the insight from an owner of an iMac.

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