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I have never ever been able to get decent sound from a PC's native audio out. Windows based machines, if I used a 3rd party sound card, then I could get good quality sound. I always have at least had hum otherwise. It does sound exactly like 60 cycle hum as the frequency of it is wrong. I have had an HP Pavillion, Dell Latitude laptop, and now a mid-2010 iMac. I have had Yamaha amps, Pioneer receivers and now an Onkyo TX-SR606. Swapped cables numerous times, used various audio inputs, etc., etc. hum. If I connect my iMac audio out to my M-Audio amplified speakers using the same cables the sound is clean and with no hum. Conversely, my iPod and iPad audio using the same cables and connected to the "very same" jacks on my amps or receivers are clean and clear with no hum. Any headphones with my iMac audio is clean. I have never been able to figure this out and the odds that every amp and receiver I have owned has had a problem would be astronomical odds of that. I have lived in three different houses in two different towns so it's not any kind of local interference. I even have recently put my iMac on a APC UPS which should electrically isolate my iMac from the A/C circuit. even that has made no difference. I have even tried using a different circuit for my receiver and iMac and that made no difference either.
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