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I think that it's still on because it still makes whir-y, computer think-y noises, and it stops that when I hit the power button again. I tried sticking a CD in the drive because I was like, "What if it's only the display that's not working?!", thinking that it might start playing the CD automatically so I'd know if it was just the display that was busted, but no dice.
When I tried opening it up, it looked like someone had definitely been there before, though-- the plastic cover thingy that youtube videos has assured me should be there has definitely been ripped off and the iSight cables were disconnected. Any advice on ways to tell whether it still does anything?
(And thanks so much for the advice! I'm flabbergasted that so many people are willing to help me with what I'm sure is pretty facile for people with your guys' level of expertise.)
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