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Hi All,

I'm running Tiger 10.4.1 and reinstalled my iLife 05, and today I was looking for iDVD and can't find it...

I did a reinstall of iLife 05 and still no iDVD. All the other apps are there, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband etc.

Don't know what is going on, It installed fine on 10.3.9. And I'm using the iLife 05 DVD to do the install. My built in DVD player on my Powerbook is DVD-ROM and I have an external DVD+/-RW.

The software should install wether I have a DVD burner or not. I hooked up the external burner and installed off the DVD again, but still no iDVD.

I even did a reinstall off the iLife 05 "CD" just for fun, still no iDVD, what the heck.


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