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I am going to be buying the higher end 21.5 inch iMac in the near future. I am wondering if it would be wise for me to upgrade to the i7 chip (2.7ghz i5 to the 2.8ghz i7)? I don't really buy a new computer very often, in fact my current iMac is a 2.1ghz PowerPC isight. I want to make sure that whatever I get, that it will be powerful enough to last me for years to come. We do a little bit of video editing and quite a bit of photo editing. I know that the video card is probably a bigger factor with this stuff, but I really don't want to move up to the 27inch. Is the i7 upgrade worth it? My only concern is that the i5 that is in this system is Sandy Bridge (brand new) technology and the i7 is last years technology.
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