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gee I had no idea this would be so complex..
I have a large imac.. it takes up my entire desk.. I would like to be able to replace it with a mac mini IF it will work as well (it has less ram and a slower intel chip). I don't do a lot of memory intensive work or particularly need to have the 2.66 processor speed that the iMac gives me...
So - I want to gradually work on the mini until I am sure that I can use it for my average daily stuff... BEFORE i get rid of the imac.
Since the imac is my main squeeze at the moment, and will remain so until I cast it adrift, my theory was that I could test out the mini without getting rid of the imac until i was sure.
hence the need to have them be the 'same" and the unwillingness to simply do it piecemeal - a folder at a time.
hope this helps make sense of the issue.
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