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I thank you again for your time.. and yes I know that there are applications which will back up individual files/folders etc... and I realise that I could set them up to do so..
but what I am TRYING TO DO, is a one-stop solution.
Perhaps it would make it easier if I added that I will not be doing anything different on the mini upstairs band so will NOT need to sync back to the imac.. I just need to be able to go upstairs and, very simply, have the same computer that i just left downstairs. I leave my email online so it can be checked from both machines without loss... but when I DO run Apple Mail, and it downloads my online mail, I want to be sure that it is also stored on the mini, when next I "backup" from the TM.
For example, I don't need to copy all of my applications every time but if I have added a couple of new applications since my last backup - I COULD have a sync program that would sync the applications folder, but that won't catch the prefs. plists and such...
That's why I was thinking that a TM backup would "update" everything at once.
Is there a way to do a "restore from backup" that would BY ITSELF simply update the other drive/user or, perhaps better yet, is there a synce app that will sync an entire user folder and - if so - what will that NOT sync that I may need?

I'm really not trying to be awkward or to sound like my own broken record. If there just isn't a way to do it, then so be it... but that's what I meant when I said that I couldn't find a simple solution.. just the incremental syncing of individual folders and files.
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