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Firstly, I don't yet have a problem.. and secondly, I don't want a problem - hence the question.
I have researched as much of this as I can but only get more confused. I think it probably falls into the category of "too basic to explain" and so there is no specific answer.
I have two macs (iMac and mini) both running Snow.
The "main" machine is downstairs, the mini is upstairs.
I have a large external drive set up as a time machine for the main computer.
When I installed the OS on the mini, I then restored from my most recent backup of the main machine...
so far so good..
all the apps and stuff copied over just fine. All my keychain and internet settings were preserved - all went well.
I put the machine upstairs, and continued to work and play on the downstairs iMac.
Now, a few days later, the iMac is obviously "different" from the mini.
If I now back up the iMac on TM and carry the external drive upstairs and plug the mini into it...
1. Can I simply go to the "restore from Time machine"option by booting from my system disk and then do a restore from the latest TM backup file?
2. Is there an easier way to do it?
3. Will it have to recopy the entire thing or just the "new material"?
4. What will happen to stuff that I have erased from the iMac but is still on the mini?
5. I often read that TM doesn't, in fact, back up everything. Is this true and if so, what DOESN'T it backup that I might need on the mini?

any advice would be appreciated.
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