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This is my plan for my mac mini:

- keep the internal HD at 320GB with OS and app things on it only. It should be underutilized with tons of free space for OS and so be fairly fast.
- get one external 2TB FW-800 HD for the home folder including iTunes, iPhoto, and iMovie collection of files. (I have got a large collection of SD family video files.)
- get another 2TB FW-800 HD for time machine and a small partition to keep copy of the OS hard drive.

I will do some iMovie editing, nothing pro, from time to time.

I was also thinking about one 3-4TB ext. drive instead of the two independent enclosures but I think having two separate enclosures is less likely to loose all the data (in case of some enclosure power failure ).

Will it do the job? Any better way? (I would like Mac Pro and keep HDs inside but it is too expensive.)

Do you recommend getting a 3rd HD to be stored offsite or in some fire safe? Or alternatively store the 2nd ext. HD in a fire safe and plug it in once a while for time machine sync up?

Any comments are appreciated!
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