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Not sure if you tried this but you can

1. remove internal hard drive from your mac and put it into a 2.5" SATA hard drive to USB enclosure- they cost like $13.

2. boot up your mac with the OSX disk, select "disk utility" from the menu bar at the top (it is ok that your computer has no internal HDD at this piont).

3. plug in your enclosure from #1 and your external USB HDD and copy the disk USB enclosure to the USB external HDD. Not sure if these should have been plugged in before #2 or not. Probably will work though. No need to mount anything.

Alternatively to #2 and #3, plug the USB enclosure with your HDD into someone else's mac and just copy over all your stuff using the other mac.

4. Reformat your HDD while it is in the enclosure.

5. Put HDD back into your mac and reinstall OSX.

6. copy files back to your mac.
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