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Hi, I'm hoping some fellow 3GS owners can help me on this one. I just treated myself and bought a refurb one as I've seen how useful it is when repairing them...

However, the battery life doesn't appear to be great. It's been on charge for about 6 hours and I took it off about an hour ago and haven't used it since - it's been sleeping. Battery is down to 90% already...

I've cycled it a couple of times to calibrate the 'fuel gauge', and the same thing happens. In fact, the fuel gauge seems to be spot as it hits 1% and then shuts down

Using about 10 mins phone calls, maybe 10 texts and listening to music at the lowest volume for 3hrs (I have very sensitive earphones!), it doesn't get past 3pm when taking it off charge at 8am.

I'm wondering if I should take it back and get it replaced, or is this normal? 3G is on, Wi-Fi searching is off, screen is on half brightness and I'm not using GPS. Thanks!
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