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I have used pc's now for many years and I know them nearly inside out due to lots of rubbish, viruses, trojans - I am a complete demon on how to re-format windows!

So, today I am taking delivery of my new iMac, excited is not really the word!

Just a couple of points, sure there will be more at a later stage!

1. I use my pc for my business of manufacturing, I have a very simple invoice system at the moment that will not run on a mac, but I have found a very simple on called Express Invoice and would like to know if anyone has used this please?

2. I am a little confused about Microsoft Office, I have of course many things saved in Excel form and I would like to transfer over to my iMac but I really dont want to pay 200+ for Microsoft Office on mac as I dont have lots of Office documents - our order form is .xls - question is, I have been looking at Open Office, will this do the trick of viewing, amending and saving MSO files?

I think thats the only 2 questions I have at the moment and like I have said I am bound to have more, so thanks in advance.

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