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First of all, it's a 13" macbook pro 2gb (if that helps)

Ok so I am ******** myself and panicking so much!

A few weeks ago my macbook pro started getting kernal messages and shutting itself down, and beeping. I found out this was ram problems. So my girlfriend had a spare 1gb ram card as her macbook had problems a while back. I put the new card in and my macbook (so I had one new ram card and one old one) and it was working fine for a few days, then went back to kernal warnings. So I took out the old ram card out, and replaced it with the one that I'd taken out. So I had the new one, and the old one I took out first. (If that makes sense)

Again it was working fine up until today....

I was on skype when a kernal warning came up. I restarted my mac and it worked fine for about 5 minuets until another kernal came up. I restarted it and my macbook just beeped, doing sets of 3 beeps at a time. I held the power button so the beeps stopped and left my mac for about 20 minuets to cool down.

When I restarted it again, the apple logo and spinny wheel came up as normal, however a loading bar was there too, and I have never seen it before. It looked like this:

The bar loaded to about half way and then went back to the beginning and did this about 3 times, took about 5 minuets, then shut down. I kept turning it back on and it did the same thing each time.

I then inserted the startup DVD and went on disk utility and did a repair test.
This is the bit I'm panicking about....

During the disk repair, it comes up saying
"Disk Utility stopped repairing 'Macintosh HD' Disk Utility can't repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed up files"

Now first of all, I don't know how to backup my files as it doesn't give me that option. My external hard drive is currently getting fixed so I am going to have to use tons of DVD's to put my stuff onto. I am mainly panicking about reformatting the disk.

If anyone can help me, I'm literally begging for it. If I loose all my stuff then I am well and truly screwed!
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