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Originally Posted by Aptmunich
Well maybe you need to change the games ownership to your managed user.
Hit apple+i to bring up the info pane for the game and then look at the tab ownership.
Try to change the user to your managed user and see if that'll work.

Normally though it'll just ask you for your admin name and password.

Well, this is a solution, but it doesn't address my needs cause then my girlfriend can't play it. I would own the game...and only I would be able to play it. ...unless there's another way or I'm missing something here... (I guess I must have missed this point in my previous post) I did try setting 'everyone' to allow 'read and write' ability, but that didn't fix it...I'd get an error just before the actual game loads.

Oddly enough though...splinter cell allows me to share ownership of the game to all managed accounts....I still have a lot to learn about Mac OS X permissions.
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