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Sorry to the OP if this is viewed as hijacking, but I also have a few questions which one of the experts may possibly be able to help with.

I am going to purchase the 115 GB Mercury Extreme Pro SSD w/ Data doubler from OWC.
I should not have a problem installing it, with help from some great tutorials. I do however foresee some difficulty booting OS X and my applications from the SSD. How do I go about making the SSD my "boot" volume for those?

I have done a bit of research, but most of the stuff I have found is littered with jargon and I would prefer if someone could point me to a good step-by-step guide or help me out in any way.

Here are my specs if it matters at all: (2011) MBP 15" 2.0 Ghz i7, 500 GB HDD

Thanks in advance for any help.


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