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I'm trying to decide which direction I should go with my mobile computing. I currently posses two laptops and therefore two options.
1) 13" macbook pro 2.26 C2D/2GB RAM/160GB HDD
2) 11" macbook air 2GB RAM/64GB HDD

I want to keep the speed of the SSD but I am quickly running out of space on the air. What I want to do is install a small SSD in the spot of the superdrive and replace the stock hdd with a larger size in the MBP and sell the air.

I have two questions: 1) how difficult will this be, I've never opened a macbook but I'm usually not afraid to poke around in my electronics. 2) How difficult will it be to tell the computer which drive I would like to store information on? I would obviously want to store all system files onto the ssd and all my media files onto the larger hdd. Is their anyway to make this a automatic process?

I guess the simpler, more expensive, option would be to just buy one large ssd to store everything on. I'm not looking to spend too much on this project.

Thank you
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