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Amen-Moses and Technologist have both understood my point. I try never to run my OS'es with administrative privileges. I have both the Peecee and Mac setup with three accounts. 1 admin, and 2 managed users (for me and my girlfriend)

Simple fact is I don't trust myself (sounds wierd, I know) playing with my system after a few cold ones...and I sure as heck don't trust/care what my girlfriend wants to do with the system. With the peecee she can surf to any site she wants...go to any popup up she wants ....and it will not let her unknowingly install apps from the website she goes to.

The original point of my question was how to run certain apps with admin privileges. For instance, Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness requires admin privileges...I'd like to launch this app with admin privileges with my managed account only to play the game cause I don't know how to rewire this thing. I hope that clarifies my point.
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