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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
Nope...due to Apple firmware on the card. To test what is working or not you need:

1. To get the parts the G5 is missing. That's compatible parts...just jamming some Windows computer ram in there won't work. You need Mac compatible ram.
2. An SATA hard drive will work...but needs to be formatted for a Macintosh.
3. You need a Mac OS install DVD to install an OS onto the HD (not cheap)!!!.
4. Or you need a GOOD friend with a working Powermac G5...and will allow you to swap the parts.

What you didn't tell us is exactly what model Powermac G5 it is. There were some significant changes in the last models...compared to the earlier models (different ram, different PCI slots, different cpu configuration).

This is not a "cheap" project for someone who doesn't have Mac expertise or a bunch of working Mac's & Mac parts laying around to easily test things.


- Nick
Thanks Nick for the reply. The model # is A1047, the serial is XB4107XQES
Most of my friends use pc's as do I . I was wanting a project to mess around with.
I can get a HD formatted for Mac and some memory and and OS.

I guess I'm wondering if the mainboard is fried. Does that red light mean anything?
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