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So after much dorking around:

a) In was able to get 2 of the 4 - 4gb memory cards to work - but *only* if they were in the "Front" slots (front=toward screen). Booted up with 1333mhz.

b) If I added the other 2 cards to the back pair, no dice. 5-second beeeep.

c) I put 2 of the old 2-gb cards in the back, in combination with (a) above, and guess what? It booted up just fine with a total of 12gb. Speed: 1066. (The memory and/or board dials the 1333 cards down to the speed of the slowest card).

d) I swapped the different 4gb cards around with exactly the same results.
e) It would not boot with just 1 card of memory in any slot, regardless of size.

Here's an apple link to the Beep tones:
iMac (Mid 2007) and later models: About startup tones

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