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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
Are you sure that:

- the DVD drives is working properly?
- the OS install DVD isn't damaged?
- are you using the correct OS install DVD? (describe what disk you're using, including the color of the disk, the OS version of the disk, and we need to know the exact model Mac Pro you have).


- Nick
Thanks for the ridiculously fast reply, Nick.

I am not sure if the DVD drive is working properly, but since the hard drives aren't formatted and I can't get into OSX, I find it tough to test.

The OS DVD looks fine and it works on other machines.

The install DVD is black and is OSX Tiger 10.4.3.

I'm not sure what model of the Mac Pro is since I can't look at "about this mac"... is there any other way to see what it is without being in OSX? Also, my work has 5 mac pros, all of which are different model numbers, so finding the info on this specific one would be a challenge in itself...
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