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I've been looking for days for a solution to the problem I'm having, but I think my problem is so specific, it's just too tough for me to find.

A couple weeks ago, the hard drive in my work's mac pro went out. We got a couple of new 1TB hard drives from apple to put in it. I took the bad HD out and put the two new ones in.

I'm trying to boot from my OSX DVD, but when I hold down the option key, the computer goes to a gray screen, I can see the mouse, but it doesn't even try to access the DVD drive. I could probably pinpoint the problem if I could hear the DVD drive thinking and just not be able to read the disc, but it doesn't do anything. It just sits on the gray screen, I can move the mouse around, but it never tries to boot from DVD.

Any ideas as to what the problem might be?

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