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Ironically - History ( my Degree subject as a former teacher of 20 years until 1999) reveals that it was the U.S.A. who practised rigid Protectionist Trade Policies in the period after the First World war - post 1918 - when the major European economies had fought themseves to a stand-still - bankrupting themselves in the process, and eager to regain their leading trading / commercial positions etc
Only to find that the U.S.A. had taken over most of their former trading areas etc
And - guarded their domestic industries by high import tariffs etc
So - you had defeated Germany, struggling to get itself back on its feet, while at the same time, being forced to pay punitive 'Reparations' or War Damages of 6,600 Billion Pounds equivalent...
Hence - the succession of weak minority govt.'s - and the rise of the Nazi Party under A. Hitler - and all that entailed for the 1930's etc
Brief History lesson - over.

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