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Originally Posted by Aptmunich View Post
Here's the deal:
- As has been stated, US prices do not include sales tax
- Sales tax is on average much lower in the US, compared to the UK's VAT
- Currency fluctuations aren't immediately corrected
- VAT is high in the UK, but you get things like free healthcare because of it

Having said that, if you remove sales tax from the equation, the MacBook Pro 13" is still about 60 more expensive in the UK - but that's not unheard of IMO.
So - let me get this right...
When you buy from - they don't charge any extra sales tax - because they're not 'State' ?!
Doesn't sound right !

DON'T think that GB's much-lauded and rightly so - N.H.Service....
Has any relevance to the ridiculously over-inflated cost of Macs in that country - with Respect !!
Unless - the prices cause stress-related illness.....


OK - I was holding this back - part Devil's Advocate - mind thee....
Americans just would NOT PAY the sort of prices inflicted on the Euro Consumers ?
And - their Gov.t have favourable trading deals with other countries by dint of their World Dominance as an economic Giant....
So - it follows that they get / 'influence' massive discounts...
Which they pass-on to their customers...
While still making a very healthy mark-up and Profit !?

How does that scenario sound ??

P.S. Can't see where you get your Mac Book Pro calculations from !
It's way-more expensive than this.
I should know I bought this model - about 20 months back - from Apple Educational Store UK
Even with my educational discount, I stil had to pay a Fortune...
Although - they did give me upgrades to hard drive and RAM
Which made it even cheaper than what were asking..
And - a half-price new iPod Touch 32gb
And - a discount wifi printer
BUT - they still wouldn't deliver to me in Spain !
Had to post to my family's UK Home
And my eldest Son brought out all the stuff incl. the quite bulky printer
When he came for the summer !

Live each day as it comes - it may be your last !?