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OK - starting a new thread here, as suggested (!)...
As I'm a relatively Newbie here, I don't know the frequency of such a discussion hitherto, but I have picked up in various posts the underlying assumption that 'Macs are expensive Stateside'..
OK - we are all aware that Macs have a certain cache and desirability which may or may not be connected to the pricing structure - but to those I know, the attitude is either - 'Bloody Apples - over-priced but nice !' - or - 'Macs - the Rolls Royce of Computers !'. Some have even cited the earlier advertising thrust for Stella Artois, a popular,strong European lager made in Belgium - Stella Artois, whose slogan is-still-I think - " Reassuringly Expensive'...
What concerns me on a personal level is that here in Europe, we have ALWAYS had to pay a significant Premium for most electronic goods - compared to the U.S.A.

WHY is that ?

I cite the recently launched iMac 27" - the i5 model - which is currently priced at at $1,697.00.

The SAME machine on is priced at GBP 1,649.00 !

Factor in the current $ to GBP Exchange rate of 1.64 - and I don't need to tell you the math !?

I actually tried to order this Mac from - BUT I received a message when I proceeded to CheckOut - 'This item cannot be delivered to the address you selected'. I even changed the delivery address to my ex-wife and children's in the UK, to see if this made any difference - but it didn't. IF they had shipped to England - it would STILL have been cheaper for me to ask my ex-wife to re-send the large box by international carrier to me out here in Spain !
A few minutes ago, I tried to buy a new Mac Book Pro - priced similarly to the iMacs - with the identical result !
BUT - Amazon will deliver a new white unlocked iPhone 4 !

I thought we lived in a 'Free Trade World' naively...?

So - when I hear you Americans, bleating on here about 'Macs are so expensive' etc
Spare a thought for your European brothers - please !?

Will be interested to hear what discussions this thread generates.....

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