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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
I too would have liked to see Apple offer the new iMacs in a 23" or 24" version in addition to the 27". However, since they didn't, we'll buy the 21.5". The 27" is just too large for our liking.
It depends on your personal preferences and the space you use your machines in...
I am just about to get my 2nd iMac 27" - and to possibly sell my iMac 24"..

I have a small study / office my friends call ' Mac Mission Control,Espana' - and I currently have the 27" to the left of an Ikea computer work station desk, the 24" in the middle, with my newest iMac 21.5 to the right...

On Tuesday when the new i5 Mac 27" arrives, I will probably configure with the new 27" to the right - moving the 21.5 to the middle...
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Personally - I don't think there's any beating the 27" high-def. LED screens !
For a computer monitor that is...
I do however, have my Windows iMedia pc connected to my 46" Samsung LED HDTV in the salon/lounge - and use it with wireless keyboard and mouse - and that looks pretty good - but it's in a bigger space !

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